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With its low cost of materials and fast, simple installation, chain link fencing is a popular choice for both commercial and residential properties throughout Southwest Florida in both Collier and Lee county.

Chain link fence has evolved a tremendous amount over the years. You can now choose from several colors of chain link fence and with color vinyl coating, the traditional galvanized material becomes more versatile for landscaping, security, and cost while adding longevity to the material.

  1. Price Comparisons: The difference in price between poor and high-quality materials, from the chain link fabric itself to the posts, gates, and other components is relatively minor. Cheap materials, however, begin to deteriorate quickly, and will need replacement in just a few years. Durable materials will last for 15 years or more. As with all products, the cost per year of life is the true measure of the your total cost.
  1. Proper Coatings: Whether you choose standard galvanized or vinyl coated fencing, the quality of the coatings is important. Cheap fabric from some big box retailers and farm supply outlets is often made from galvanized wire, woven into fence fabric. Every cut in the wire exposes raw steel, and there are hundreds of such cuts at the top and bottom of the fence. Even if this exposed steel is treated after weaving, that treatment just isn’t as resistant to rust as it should be. Only chain link fabric that is galvanized after weaving (GAW) in a hot-dipping process will stand up against rust for 15 years or more. With vinyl coating, similar issues come into play, as does the quality and thickness of the coating. Fence posts and other components also must be properly zinc galvanized to stand up to the weather, rain, and even salt in Florida’s harsh climate.
  1. Material Gauges: Cheap chainlink materials are thinner in gauge. That saves money initially, but lightweight, thin materials are more prone to sagging and damage over time than the heavy-gauge materials used in more durable products. Any savings in initial cost may be wiped out by the need for premature replacement or repairs.
  1. How to Tell the Difference: When shopping for chain link fence materials, compare the gauge of materials from different sources and insist on fabric that is galvanized after weaving (GAW). A Class 3 rating is adequate for many uses, but a Class 1 rating is your assurance of the longest possible service life. If your fabric is not GAW and does not carry any rating, all bets are off. If a vendor doesn’t know the rating, or won’t tell you, get your supplies from another company.

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Chain Link is one of the most popular fence materials available in the market and it is mostly preferred for almost all types of fencing due to:

  • Low cost
  • Ease of installation
  • Flexibility to adapt to any terrain

There are various factors that influence the functionality of the chain link fence and you can choose it according to your needs, whether it is residential or commercial.


The chain link installation price in Bonita depends upon the height of the fence. Chain link material is available in different heights, which makes it suitable for a variety of applications. Fences that are shorter are ideal for residential purposes, while the taller ones are preferred for commercial use because of the level of security they can offer. These fences are ideal for fencing solutions in long stretches of land like military bases.

Gauge Thickness

Another factor that determines the cost of chain link fence in Marco Island is the chain link fence fabrics gauges, which varies based on the application. The measured diameter of the actual woven fabric metal is referred as “Gauge”. Chain link fences with higher gauge numbers are used for residential purposes while chain link fences with lower gauges are used for commercial purposes, where a higher level of security is required. The lower the gauge number the thicker the metal is. The most common gauge thickness available in the market is 9 and 11 ½ gauges.

Top Coat

Galvanized chain link fences come with and without vinyl coating. Vinyl coating is actually sealed around the metal. This makes the galvanized fence better equipped to handle weathering. The galvanized fence without vinyl covering will rust over time.

The Difference

Both fence materials are similar in terms of their sturdiness and structural longevity. Standard galvanized chain link usually comes with a 10 to 15-year warranty against rust and corrosion. It meets ASTM specification 392 and federal specifications R.R.F.-191. Black vinyl coated chain link usually comes with a 10 to 15-year manufacturer warranty against chipping, peeling, and fading and is also virtually maintenance free, which comes as an added bonus.


The Chain Link fence estimates in Naples shows that there is no much difference between both fences and both are similar in many aspects. But when it comes to the visual aesthetics, it is always the vinyl coated chain link that wins over its non-coated counterpart. Vinyl coated chain link fence is also suitable for residential purposes. If you prefer to have a rough industrial appearance, then a bare galvanized fence material without the vinyl coating would be more appropriate. When it comes to the cost factor, the vinyl coated version can increase fence cost by a minimal amount per foot.

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