Aluminum Fencing offers a combination of durability, strength and clean appearance. Aluminum Fencing will remain structurally sound for a lifetime. The finish will not crack, chip or peal.

Aluminin Fence

For many projects, we recommend ornamental aluminum fencing or powder coated aluminum fencing. It is one of the best choices for years of peace of mind and security. Here are seven benefits to choosing aluminum for your fencing project:

  1. Cost Efficient: Aluminum fencing is much less expensive than traditional wrought iron. We’ve built relationships with manufacturers, so we’re able to offer the most competitive pricing.
  2. No Upkeep: Unlike iron, aluminum fences do not rust, which means less work for you. Our aluminum fencing is manufactured with a powder paint coating, guaranteed with a manufacturers warranty.
  3. Elegant: We offer a variety of stylish design options and rich colors, which beautifully compliment almost all landscapes.
  4. Adaptable: Aluminum fence panels can adjust to the slope of your land, meaning there will be no gaps at the bottom of the fence on uneven or sloping ground.
  5. Strong: Aluminum is available in various grades, designed with your strength and security in mind. We offer lightweight residential fencing, ideal for defining property lines or enclosing a pool, and high grade industrial fencing, ideal for increasing security at industrial factories, colleges and apartment complexes.
  6. Shape Memory: Aluminum fencing is more likely to remember its original geometry and return to its previously defined shape after deformation occurs.
  7. Warranty: Most manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty on aluminum fencing.

Whether your fencing project is commercial or residential, we are happy to discuss your needs and offer a free quote. Choose Affordable Fence and Screen for your next aluminum fence installation.

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When you prefer a fence that has both beauty and brawn, there can be nothing as suitable as aluminum fences. Aluminum fencing is available in a range of designs, colors, and heights.

Aluminum fences are preferred the most because aluminum is simple to work with and different styles can be incorporated pretty easily. Aluminum fences that are designed properly serve well for the purpose wherever they are installed, be it your yard, pool or garden.

You can also get creative by choosing light weight versions that can be matched with the entrance of your home for an improved curb appeal.

Residential fences are manufactured using commercial grade aluminum that is very robust, resilient, and elegant to match the security and architectural needs of your home.

In general, conventional wrought iron designs are preferred as they come with picket points and can be placed wherever required. The next best preferred choices in aluminum fencing are staggered picket factors, uniformly positioned picket factors, aimed pickets, or smooth surrounded pickets that are readily available.

Colonial designs with circular railing over pickets are among the most popular styles for huge fences. Welded framework for improved durability, self closing gates, self latching entrances, arched accent gates, accents like finials, scrolls, or ball caps made of rust free aluminum are added to accentuate the beauty and functionality of aluminum fences.

Jutting picket points are also available, but if you don’t prefer it that way, designs that have a top rail running over the pickets to confine them are also available.

Aluminum fences are also used for swimming pool, which are simple with no-fuss designs for improved safety. Aluminum swimming pool fences are made to meet the pool codes for various factors such as minimal height range, gauge of metal, type and integrity of latch, no exposed pickets, and so on.

Aluminum fencing is beautiful, versatile and offers lots of practical perks like low-maintenance, long-lasting stability, and affordability. However, in order to get the maximum benefits, you must know how to choose an aluminum fence that satisfies all of your goals.

What do we offer?

Trust-worthy product and service

Start by comparing your aluminum fencing options. We offer high-quality fences with warranties. Check out our samples and validate our work and experience based on what you see. We offer service support throughout the life of your fence, from purchase to installation and beyond. We also offer installation and repair services whenever needed.

Superior powder coating

All our aluminum fences come with powder coating, which acts like a thin layer of armor. It offers durable protection for your aluminum fence by preventing rust and decay and adds color that won’t peel away. Moreover, powder-coated aluminum fences are virtually maintenance free. You can just hose them off to remove dirt and grime.

Wide range of style and color

Our aluminum railing comes in a variety of styles and colors. The fencing comes in two rails, three rails, flat top, arches, pickets, or finials, and they vary in heights. Apart from the classic neutrals, you can go for exclusive custom colors of your choice as well. You can either choose a color to blend with the surroundings or choose bright hues that stand out as a focal point.

Budget-friendly options

The cost of your fence depends on its length. We offer a complimentary, personalized quote as well. You can see if it fits your budget before we could proceed further with the installation. All our rates are reasonable and you should always remember that a low price may indicate that the product is of substandard quality. At Affordable Fence, all products are cost-effective with no compromise on quality. With us you can be sure to find the affordable Aluminum Fencing in Naples. You should always consider the product’s merits in the first place before evaluating it for its budget-friendliness.

If you are interested in adding an aluminum fence to your yard, Affordable Fence offers you high-quality aluminum fences that are stylish, elegant, durable, and above all, affordable. All our aluminum fence range come with rails and pickets that are welded for improved strength. Our lightweight fences are also easy to install, and come with a lifetime limited warranty. We have all types of residential and commercial Aluminum Fencing in Fort Myers. Each fence is available in different colors and also available in solid, textured, and speckled patterns.

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