Wood-fence2Wood fencing is attractive and functional, because of its natural deterrents to insect infestation and resilience in the worst of climates. Affordable Fence and Screen offers a large variety of wood fencing styles and hundreds of board sizes.

Wood Fencing is ideal for providing privacy or creating a boundary on your property. Many people choose this product because it keeps a natural look for your yard. We offer three styles of wood fence which include stockade, board on board, and shadow box. We hand build all of our wood fences on site.

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If you have a home renovation task on your to-do list, adding a wood fence to your yard could definitely be a remarkable transformation that can add some beauty and grab some attention. With wood fencing in your mind, you are more likely to succeed in finding the right one that suits your tastes and fits your needs. Many wood fence options are available, but prior to buying any, you have to get the answer to the following questions.

  • Which species of wood the fence is made of ?
  • How has that wood been treated ?
  • What part of the tree the wood is taken from ?

Which species of wood the fence is made of ?

The species of tree from which your fence is made of is important because this is what determines how your property looks and how well your fence holds up to the various elements of nature. Pine is the most common type and options like redwood, cedar, and spruce is also common.

Redwood fence is superior in quality and functionality and therefore is quite expensive than the rest. Considering the cost, untreated spruce picket fences, and cross rails are commonly used in prefabricated 4×8- or 8×6-foot picket and stockade-fence sections at almost all local hardware stores. Cedar wood is also common as it contains oil that makes it naturally resistant to rot and insects. For this reason, it is also used in other outdoor settings like decks too.

How has that wood been treated?

To buy a less expensive wood that’s been pressure treated, or a more expensive one that has not, depends upon the area you live in. Pressure-treated pine is great as it is long lasting and affordable fence. Pressure-treated wood may not look great but it is affordable and has excellent resistance to rot and insects.

Some exotic tropical hardwoods like Ipe are very expensive but can last for a long time, outdoors even without any chemical treatments. However, whatever kind of wood fence you purchase, No matter what kind of wood you purchase, a weather seal is mandatory to extend its life. Proper sealing doubles the life of your fence compared to leaving it unsealed.

What part of the tree the wood is taken from?

Wood from deep inside the tree called the Heartwood is stronger than the Sapwood, which is taken from the more outer regions of the tree. It is less expensive and is prone to rot more quickly. Choosing sapwood for your fence panels is fine to save money but it is advisable to consider heartwood for posts and other structurally important fence parts. The construction heart, merchantable heart, select heart, or clear all heart are more expensive merchantable grades but are excellent choices for fencing and are good choices for posts and any other part of the fence that touches the ground.

What makes ours the ideal choice?

All wood fences are not created equal. The types of wood used, sizes of wood boards and posts, and the installation methods vary between companies. At Affordable Fence, we always let our customers know the specifications of our wood fences in Naples so that you can compare our materials to that of the others.

Our privacy and semi-privacy fences are constructed with wide boards that provide a richer and more streamlined look. We hand-build our own fence sections on welded tables on site and we make sure that each section meets our strict quality control standards. Building our own sections also reduces our lead time and it also gives us the ability to customize the fence according to your preferences. We use high-grade nails to construct our fences, which prevents the nails from falling out and also maintains the strength. Nail quality is important because cheaper nails can rust and bleed down the fence leaving dark streaks that cannot be removed.

We use quality construction methods that provide the strongest fence construction available. We use traditional and tested construction practices that have been used for centuries by woodworkers because of their superior strength and durability. Such method offers great strength and will probably take two to three times more force to break than any other joint. These joints are used in the place of nails to connect the fence sections to the posts, giving enormous strength to the fence.

We ensure that with each of our fences, you can enjoy the natural beauty and character of a wood fence and also the strength and durability that lasts for years. We have the expertise and experience in constructing large wood fences in Marco Island. We use strong custom-made posts and frames to provide additional strength and durability. Poorly made fences can sag over time and require costly repairs to make them operational again. Our knowledgeable estimators will recommend the fence construction that is most suitable for your application.