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We at Affordable Fence understand that all that matters is to offer you a right fencing solution for your outdoor space. That is why choosing us to help you find and install the ideal fence for your Privacy, Poolside, Protection, or Perfection is a good idea that can work wonders to your life.

Affordable Fence Company offers you beautiful and functional fencing solutions for your residential and commercial spaces. All our fencing products are manufactured using genuine high-quality materials to offer the best value for your money. Our fences are made to meet your requirements in the following categories,

  • Privacy
  • Poolside
  • Protection
  • Perfection


If a bit of quality time is your interest, we have a range of stylish fences that can instantly transform your backyard into a paradise on earth. At Affordable Fence, we take care that our privacy fences are made to deliver that effect. Our privacy fences lock together easily, fit tightly into place without gaps. Whether you want complete silence from the noisy neighborhood or want a fence that lets in the warm ray of the sun, we have the perfect solution that suits your needs and fits your budget.


Pools are built to enjoy a time of relaxation and are absolutely not meant to ponder over worries. Our poolside fences have the panels that meet the most stringent pool safety codes to keep you worry-free. So when you are in the pool enclosed with our fence, you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets tripping and falling into the pool. Our poolside fences are stylish and strong to provide the much-needed security. They also give you a clear view from your home or yard, yet still provide a safe and secure boundary. Pool fences must be approved for pool codes and we recommend checking the pool code requirements in your area prior to choosing your fence.


Your peace of mind is our utmost priority. We make sure our fencing products are both strong and secure to offer maximum protection, especially when you have to protect your pets and farm animals. We offer cost-effective fences that are sturdy enough and built seamlessly to protect your animals from escaping or hurting themselves trying to do so.


Enhancing the looks of a home starts right from the outdoors, from perfecting the curb appeal. This is why we have a range of unique eco-friendly fencing options to suit every home’s curb appeal. This not only adds beauty, but it adds years of value to your home. At Affordable Fence, you can find a wide selection of colors and styles to choose from to put together a look that can differentiate yours from your neighborhood.

Affordable Fence Fencing Options

  • Aluminum
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Wood Fences
  • Woodgrain PVC Fencing
  • Composite Fences
  • Entry Gates
  • Gate Operators

Affordable Fence Fencing Advantage

  • The fence blends in beautifully with the landscape and adds style that doesn’t fade away.
  • The perfect way to let your dogs out.
  • Withstands many storms.
  • Right sound-proof for homes located in busy intersections.
  • Zero maintenance required.